What is CREATE SF?
CREATE SF is a new initiative that helps organizations with a socially driven mission solve an existing challenge through community centered design by amplifying their engagement and impact in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through action based workshops, our GOOD SF community collaborates with the organization to explore potential solutions while building skills and relationships to make it reality.

Which organizations should apply?
San Francisco Bay Area organizations with a socially driven mission. In other words, organizations that work to positively impact our local community.

We’re looking to work with non-profits, foundations, startups, schools, and other types of organizations.

What should your organization expect?
We believe that 1+1 can equal 3. We believe that the effort you put in will be reflective in the outcome. Let’s commit to bring it, together.

The team behind GOOD SF is a diverse group of creative and business professionals. We have years of experiences in the design, strategy, workshop facilitation, community engagement and event planning.

Our diverse backgrounds bring a variety of networks to GOOD SF. We are the locally-organized chapter of GOOD HQ, our parent organization, that helps amplify our services and as a result, offers us even larger community of GOOD doers. 

GOOD SF experts will work together developing solutions that will help address the current challenge. Final concepts will be pitched to the partner organization for feedback. Experts will have the opportunity to further build solutions along side of the organizations.

Who’s involved in a workshop?
GOOD SF facilitators and mentors, mentors from the partner organization, and the GOOD SF experts.

The organization’s involvement in a workshop:
• Present the challenge
• Provide mentors who can support the teams
• Answer questions asked by GOOD SF experts
• Provide feedback on concepts at the end of workshop

Details mentioned above are subject to change based on your organization’s needs and our exploration in defining the challenge together.


Interested? Email us to get more info on CREATE SF.